Power BI Hybrid Tables with Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pools

In this video we’re talking a look at the new Power BI Hybrid Tables feature which combines Import, Incremental Refresh, and DirectQuery (real-time) modes in a single table. We look at connecting to a View in Serverless SQL Pools which is connected to parquet data in Azure Data Lake Gen2. We then look at how we can use the hybrid tables feature to reduce data processed in Serverless SQL Pools by bulk importing once, then only incrementally refreshing the last few days of data. We’ll then look at adding new data to the current day and refresh the Power BI report to see this new data using DirectQuery.

Power BI Hybrid Tables Overview

Hybrid tables is a Premium-only feature which combines both Import and DirectQuery modes to allow importing data for historical analysis and also real-time analysis.

Source: Microsoft