Azure Synapse Analytics at SQLBit 2023


The General Session agenda for SQLBits 2023 is now available here and covers the agenda on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. SQLBits 2023 is running from Tuesday March 14th until Saturday March 18th. Tuesday and Wednesday are paid training days, Thursday and Friday are paid general session days, and Saturday is free. You’ll find the training day agenda here.

I love a bit of Azure Synapse Analytics so here are all the training day and general sessions that involve Synapse (if I’ve missed anything please let me know). There’s a variety of Synapse sessions from Dedicated SQL Pools, to Power BI and Synapse integration, Serverless SQL Pools, Data Architecture, and much more.

Of course there are many, many more technical and non-technical sessions covering all things data, mental health and well-being, career advice, community involvement, and a lot more. I’ll be there as a helper on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday so see you there! Remember, Friday night is party night so get your best Dungeons and Dragons costume on!

Training Days

The training days agenda can be found here.


  • Stijn Wynants et al – Lakehouse in a Day


  • Adam Saxton, Patrick LeBlanc – Power BI + Synapse: Leverage the best of both for scale

General Sessions (Paid)

The general session agenda can be found here with the full abstract of each session.


  • Mathias Halkjaer – Supercharge Power BI with Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Eivind Halmøy Wolden – A low cost serverless synapse data platform
  • Mark Pryce-Maher, Luke Moloney, Stijn Wynants, Pawel Potasinski, & Filip Popović – Synapse Q&A with PG
  • Ginger Grant – How to pick the best Data transformation strategy
  • Barry Smart – How to create a high performance data team: lessons learned from the field


  • Craig Porteous – Designing Data Architectures that InfoSec will actually approve
  • Anupama Natarajan – Using Automated ML models in Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Ben Weissman (he/him) – Never ETL again, thanks to Synapse Link. Really?
  • Lisa Hoving – Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, or Azure Synapse Analytics? When to use what
  • Aoife Turley – Azure Synapse Link for Dataverse Implementation
  • Dave Ruijter – No more data quality surprises in your Databricks, Synapse or Power BI solutions!

General Sessions (Free)


  • Mathias Halkjaer – Advanced Power BI refresh with ADF/Synapse
  • José Barbosa – Synapse Link to SQL, bring your on-prem data alive
  • Ginger Grant – How changes to Azure Synapse Analytics impact data architecture designs
  • Frank Geisler – ADX and the last crusade
  • Simon Whiteley & Craig Porteous – Building a Lakehouse on the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform
  • Steve Powell – 7 Things I wish I’d known before building a 60TB DWH on a Dedicated Pool

If there are any Azure Synapse Analytics I’ve missed please let me know, see you there!

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