Future Data Driven 2023 – Fabric SQL

Session Abstract

It all started with Parallel Data Warehouse, then came Azure SQL Data Warehouse…then Dedicated SQL Pools in Synapse! That was joined by Serverless SQL Pools in Synapse too. However there were now 2 SQL engines to use with differing scenarios and syntax…which to choose was often the question.

Now in Microsoft Fabric we have a single SQL engine for all our workloads, no more having to pick an engine for data warehousing or lakehouse architectures, hooray!

In this session we’ll be looking at the history of Microsoft data warehousing platforms and how we’ve ended up with the Fabric SQL engine. We’ll dive into what the lakehouse SQL endpoints are, what Warehouses in Fabric are, and how we can develop for these services.

Attendees will leave the session understanding how to develop Data Warehouse solutions in Microsoft Fabric.

Session Slides

Please find the session slides in PDF format here.