Up and Running: How to make your Azure Synapse Analytics Proof of Concept a Success (Data Relay Session)


Firstly, I’d like to say a huge thank you to the Data Relay team, the helpers, the sponsors, the attendees, the venues, venue staff, and speakers for making Data Relay 2022 an amazing conference. Without their time and dedication, we wouldn’t have these events and they deserve our thanks.

For Data Relay 2022 I decided to create a new session focussing more on the planning and execution of an Azure Synapse Analytics Proof of Concept (PoC) project using materials created by Microsoft. Microsoft’s Customer Success Engineering (CSE) team created a set of resources to increase the chances of making a Synapse PoC a success.

The slide deck for the session is here in PDF format, and the Bicep files used for the Synapse workspace deployment demo are available here. Credit to GitHub user tsukashusan for the Bicep templates, really great resources.

The Microsoft resources can be found in the Synapse documentation area here: Success by Design.

The session was split into 3 parts, covering a basic description of a Proof of Concept, then introducing the Success by Design documentation, and finally a demo showing deploying a Synapse workspace using Bicep.

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