Azure Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pools Learning Resources

Welcome to this collection of links to resources focussed on Azure Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pools. It includes official Microsoft documentation, the Learning courses available, and also community content such as blogs and sessions. Please use the following 3 text links to jump to the appropriate section of this blog.

Microsoft Documentation

The following articles are available from the Microsoft documentation page here. Certain documentation will be shared with Dedicated SQL Pools and will be flagged accordingly within the documentation.


If you’d like to know more about the Serverless SQL service in general, the following 2 links provide high-level information.

Quick Start

The following links can help in getting started with Serverless SQL.

Architecture & Development

The following links provide information on the architecture of the Serverless SQL service itself as well as development practices and constructs.


The following 2 links contain end-to-end tutorials to walk-through creating a solution in Serverless SQL.

Reading Data From Storage

The following links go through how to query CSV, Parquet, and JSON data and also how to create objects such as External Tables and Views.

Writing Data To Storage

Serverless SQL can also write data out to Azure Storage, the following link walks through how this process works.

Client Tools Connectivity

Serverless SQL provides an end-point that can be connected to just like any other database. The following links go through how to connect from various client tools.


Various methods to authenticate Serverless SQL Pools to Azure Storage.

Best Practices

The following link contains several best practices Microsoft recommend when working with Serverless SQL such as co-locating resources in the same region, ensuring appropriate data types are used, and using SQL functions to filter data at the folder level.

Administration and Monitoring

The following links provide information on areas such as Security, Cost Management, and Monitoring.


The following links provide troubleshooting information and forums to search for and post questions and answers.

Microsoft Learn

The Microsoft Learn portal is a great free learning resource published by Microsoft covering a wide selection of technology including Azure, SQL Server, and Power BI. The following are links to Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL learning courses.


There are a variety of blogs and sessions from the Data Platform community available.