PASS Data Community Summit Companion Resources

PASS Data Community Summit 2021 Slides

Please click here for a PDF copy of the slides.

Polaris (Serverless SQL Pools Engine)

Please click here to download the Polaris whitepaper to understand.


There are various resources here including serverlesssqlpooltools with data processed scripts.

Microsoft Learn

There is a Learning Path Build data analytics solutions using Azure Synapse serverless SQL pools available.

Logical Data Warehouse Blog Series

There is a 4 part blog series on this blog around creating a Logical Data Warehouse including creating Dimensions and connecting Power BI.


Does the new Lake Database support creating External Tables over Delta lake data?“: This is an interesting one, it seems the Database Designer supports creating the External Table over the root folder where the delta is stored however it cannot be queried, an error stating “object does not exist” when attempting to query is returned. The External Tables is visible in the database view.

Is there any performance comparisons with other similar services?” Here’s the Serverless SQL Pools vs Databricks SQL article.

Will Synapse Pipelines support Self-Hosted Integration Runtime sharing?” I’ll be honest, I’m not sure but I’ll find out!

There were questions around performance, I will point to the Microsoft Best Practices document as optimising data types, careful use of Active Directory authentication, and partition pruning using filepath functions are useful: